Re: The Jerusalem Archeological Park -- Virtual Visit to the #general

Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Gene Sucov wrote as follows:

"I tried to enter the website described below. The home page is quite
impressive with 3D, moving images. However, when I clicked on Enter, I got
an index list but with no way to go forward >from there. After trying 4
times to continue I got an error message. Very frustrating, especially
after the rave review by Prof. Esterson."

The amazing new web sight which allows you to walk through the Second
Temple in Jerusalem can be daunting. Navigation does require a bit of
ingenuity and second-guessing, because the requirements are not always
intuitive. Here's how to make it work for you.

When you first enter the site at < >, there is a
longish, image-laden introduction. You can by-pass this by, at the bottom
of the home page, clicking on "Skip Intro." Or you can simply wait for the
Intro to finish and AUTOMATICALLY be brought to the main page. >from this
main page you have access to a menu bar at the top of the page, or to a
time-line at the bottom of the page.

>from the left side, the menu bar includes "Jerusalem Archeological
Park", "Davidson Center", and the "Virtual Reconstruction Model." The
first (JAP) and the third (VRM) are the main ones of interest to the
visitor to the site. However, don't neglect to check the time-line at the
bottom of the main page, where you can select and click on a time period
and obtain informative information about that period.


Prof. G. L. Esterson,
Ra'anana, Israel

MODERATOR NOTE: This moderator also experienced some difficulty getting
into the site. Possibly the site is experiencing more traffic than
anticipated. As with other sites we may have heard something about lately
;-)}, persistence and timing may be the key.

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