Computer equipment theft -- Contacts lost #general

Helen & Anthony Kaplan <antkap@...>

2001 is turning out to be an "annus horribilis". At the end of February
all my new computer equipment was stolen and replacements, only recently
acquired (courtesy of insurance), were lifted within days. And this
happened despite adequate precautions. The information lost is quite
extensive and includes names of persons on the JewishGen list with whom I
have been in contact. In particular there are several to whom I had
promised I would send photographs of particular tombstones from
Johannesburg cemeteries. I shall be able to retrieve some of the (much
older) names/letters >from backup CDs, but this will only be possible at
some unknown future date. The insurance implications of the 2nd burglary
may take much longer to sort out.

I do wish to apologise to those I have let down, and trust I shall be able
to follow-up their requests another day. For the present I am using some
very primitive and erratic equipment, the nature of which would embarrass
even Heath Robinson. It tends to allow in garbage and mangle what is
relevant; it also adulterates or destroys queued out-going mail.
Fortunately it crashes at only 5 minute intervals.

Perhaps those who have been in touch with me in more recent months will
re-send their letters. I shall do my best to "catch up" as and when
circumstances permit. For now photography, scanning and jpeg transmission
is impossible.

Yours sincerely
Anthony Kaplan (Johannesburg)

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