Re: Ellis Island Manifest Images #general

Elise Friedman <elise@...>

On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Alex Bachrach wrote:
I was fortunate enough to view the manifest image of my grandparents
however, for some reason, the columns begin with number 14 which are
helpful but somewhat frustrating. Anyone Genners out there know the
reason why column numbers 1-13 do not appear?
Alex and others,

There are two pages to the manifests. Most of the time, when I've pulled
up the manifest, I ended up on page 2, which is where you ended up. You'll
need to either select the "next" or "previous" button to find the other
page. Ideally, it should be the "previous" button, but I found some when
hitting "next" instead.

Elise Friedman

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