Re: Ellis Island Manifest Images #general

Howard Fink <know_How@...>

You simply need to try the Next or Previous Page buttons. Sometimes the
page you start viewing at is one or two pages away >from what you want.
You just saw the right hand side when you started. Sometimes the left
hand side is the Previous, and sometimes it is the Next one. Always try
both directions if you can because you will also get to the Manifest
sheets signed by the officials documenting the ship's departure and
arrival. They have even put in a button to take you back to the first
sheet you started looking at for when you want to go the other way. Very
well thought out, along with the way the person and line number appear
on every page while you traverse. The images are incredibly good quality
that I have seen - much better and simpler than if you were to photocopy
from a microfilm reader and then scan into your own computer. This is an
amazing resource.

Alex Bachrach wrote:
I was fortunate enough to view the manifest image of my grandparents
however, for some reason, the columns begin with number 14 which are
helpful but somewhat frustrating. Anyone Genners out there know the
reason why column numbers 1-13 do not appear?
MODERATOR NOTE: Thank you to Yaacov Slivak, Stephen Mednick, and Bernard
Kouchel, who also provided answers to this specific question. This
question has been answered. However, discussion about use of the Ellis
Island database will continue.

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