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Helene Audrey Bergman <helenb@...>

In 1980 my parents were in Beer Sheva Israel. At that time, they met a
couple >from Australia. Her maiden name was FARFEL and his name was
Katriel PREISS (sp?). He had been a judge in Berlin and emigrated to
South Africa where he met and married his wife. He would have been born
around 1913 since he was about 10 years older than my dad. She was the
niece of my mother's grandfather Chaim FARFEL.

If anyone has information about this couple or anyone in their family, I
would appreciate it. They are an important missing link in determining
how "my" Lithuanian FARFELs connect to the "other" FARFELs >from Nesvizh.

Helene Audrey Bergman
New York NY

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