Ellis Island Records Tips #general

Bklyn Nyker <bnyker@...>

Dear JGenners,

After reading the frustrations of others regarding the Ellis Island site,
and having problems of my own, I decided to try again, and was successful.

I have some advice to pass along. I tried to enter my GGF full name, with
various spellings, with no success.
Then I just typed in the last name, CHEIFETZ. I got back 231 entries.
Unfortunately, no Nathan, Nachum...etc.

What I did find was interesting. I went looking for my Grandfather,
Zelig...no such luck. During my search, I found his sister Hode. I looked
up the ship manifest, because I knew Zelig came across with her. Well,
There he was as Belig!!!

I just wanted to pass this information on to others. I thought it was
mandatory to supply a first name. Apparently it is not. If you are able
to get a list of the last name you are looking for, be aware of
misspellings, and if you have an idea of the age of your relative, or
other information, you may be able to find them.

I also want to say that I used my Internet Explorer Browser. The
history option was very helpful, as it let me jump back and forth between
already opened pages during my search. A lot of times the next page does
not open, but between the back button, and the history list, I was able to
relocate the page I was looking for.

The history option is most helpful, because if you put your pointer on the
words, it gives you the whole address of the page, so you can see which
search page will open up, if you punched in a few names, etc.

Good luck to all,
B Miller
Brooklyn NY

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