Gomel #belarus


People interested in Gomel should check this website:

It is a US site for people >from Gomel. There are many interesting facts and
pictures, including a picture of the former great synagogue (the same one
that is available as a jpeg view >from Avotaynu). Although the site is not
specifically Jewish, many of the people listed are Jewish, including many in
Israel. I found a name that is close enough to mine that we are doing some
further checking.
Adar Belinkoff
Claremont, CA
Researching: BELINKOFF >from Gomel, Israel, Youngstown and Los Angeles;
CHARNAK >from Gomel, Ukraine, Youngstown and Philadelphia;
MAGIDSON >from Gomel, Youngstown and New York;
KLEINERT or Klein >from Gomel(?)
PINTCHUK >from Tomaszov Mazieowecki, Youngstown & Cleveland;
NUMBERG >from Lomza and Chicago;
GOLDER (GOLDFARB) >from Ostrolenka and Chicago.

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