Re: Printing EIDB Manifest #general


I got a copy of an original manifest on my computer screen >from the Ellis
Island Database with the enlarged view my question is how can I print the
whole thing?
I posted the same question last week, and due to the kind help of
several JewishGenners, I've been able to print out the manifests.
However, I was able to use my PhotoDeluxe program (that I use for my
digital camera). Here is how I did it:

I saved the manifest (each of the 2 pages separately) into my
Photodeluxe program, then selected the whole document in sections, which
I then printed out serially (in sections) and taped together.

First I selected part of the document and selected, or "trimmed" a
section that would fit onto an 8 1/2 x 11" piece of paper, printed it,
then hit "undo" which got me back to the whole document, then I
selected/"trimmed" another section of the correct size, printed that,
hit "undo", etc. So now, taped together, I have the manifest in pretty
much the size it was originally, at least width-wise. I trimmed the
length of the documents, and included only those parts/passengers that
involved my relatives.
If they were at the bottom of the page, I did the same
"trimming/selection" for the title and column headings then taped them
together, so I know what information is contained in each column.

It was actually easier to do than explain above. Hope this helps.
Maybe there is an easier way, but I haven't found it yet.

Good luck..
Carol Kunkis Cohn
Newport Beach, CA

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