How does one find one's own MARKS family - Manchester, England, Russia #general


Dear Genners:

After checking the EIDB for MARKS, even though I know my Marks arrived in
Boston, I have begun to realize how immense the challenge is to zero in on
mine. There are dozen and dozens of Marks arriving >from Manchester. And
that only covers the Marks arriving in NY. I have looked at every original
manifest I could get to open, trying to find anyone going to Chicago or
anywhere close, to no avail.

My Israel MARKS family, originated somewhere in Russia, spent many years
in Manchester, raising a family. The first wife died after 2 children,
Barney & Morris. The 2nd wife Yetta (Esther), gave birth to Julius, Mary,
Flora (Florence, Joe & Minnie, before coming to America in 1904.

Israel arrived here in 1902. He was a cobbler by trade. He settled in
Chicago, IL and opened his own cobbler shop on Maxwell Street. The rest of
the family followed in 1904. Is there a list in Manchester of Tradesmen?

I welcome any and all suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any guidance you can offer.

Bobbi Cohen
San Diego. CA

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