EIDB / Arrival ports #general

Victoria Reed <vic@...>

Well, after many frustrated days of looking (and I mean scanning every
single surname with the letter L or S), I have concluded that my great
grandparents and two of their daughters must have been strong swimmers.
The daughters arrived in 1895, their parents >from 1899-1901. I know they
got here, but I cannot find them on the EIDB. I even checked using
first names (Mary and Chane) as last names. There were plenty, but not
my relatives.

While I was doing this I found that there are many entries that look
like this "Mrs. L..." or "M. L.... " where the transcriptionist just
gave up, or perhaps the name is damaged on the original.

Crazily enough, my although grandmother arrived in 1895, my mother says
she always said she came through "Kessel Garden".

So - does anybody know if there were any monetary benefits to arriving
in Philadephia or Boston? Were there any "bargains" to be had when
traveling that might explain arriving in a port other than NYC
(especially if that was your final destination)?

Also, has anyone heard anything else about the phantom 30% of the lists
that have not been enteed into the database? Is this a fact or a rumor?

Victoria Reed
San Francisco

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