unusual family tree #belarus

judy davis <judy1213@...>

I am staying at the home of a cousin in Kfar Saba for
several days and he has a family tree of our family
that was commissioned by his grandfather and actually
looks like a tree. It only includes the names of the
men and they dangle >from branches in round circles.
Of course it is all in Hebrew caligraphy and very
difficult to read even if you read hebrew. The only
thing that I have been able to get out of it is that
the family name, Epstein was originally Ben Venisti ha
Levy. Of course part of the reading problem is that
people whose's eyes are good enought to read the
hebrew are uninterested in the geneology while those
of us with the interest either cann't read hebrew that
well, can't see the letters or both.

Any suggestions?

Judy Lieberman Davis Rosenthal
cell phone in Israel 055-516-420
Epstein; Suchowalia, Vylcofsck (Grodno gebarnia),
Liebermam; Grodno, Mednick; Vilna, Rosenthal;Lumza

Judy Davis-Rosenthal
Kalamazoo, MI

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