Epstein #belarus

Paulayne Epstein <epstein2@...>

I was told that all "true" Epsteins are Leviim. Having had lunch
with two other non-related "Epsteins by marriage" they had been
told the same as well. Their respective husbands were not Leviim.

Many years ago we were on the road to Worms >from Ludvigshaven and
noted a sign to "Epstein 2KM." That is the only derivation of the
last name we can come up with. It is actually a very small town
or village, essentially in suburban Worms. My husband's paternal
ancestors came >from Poland and we have no history on his grandfather's
side. I guess we are "false" Epsteins. So be it!

Paulayne Sklarsky Epstein

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