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<< My grandfather Wolf FREIDLANDER (born in Itskany, then Moldova) was
living in Vienna. >>

==More likely, the family name was spelled FRIEDLANDER. And Moldova, more
properly Moldavia, was part of Romania.

<< Father of two children, he was happily maried, ran a successfull
business in the cloth trade (I think all over Europe. And one day he
lost everything, was no longer allowed to live where he lived, no longer
allowed to run a business, etc... Has someone written how all this
came about? There must have been some forewarning because he
sent his children to France where they survivied. He himself was
forced to live in a specified jewish street and finally escaped also to
France but must have been given away for the Gestapo got him in
Paris and he ended in Auschwitz. His wife it would seem got to
England, but no trace since. Has someone written how all this
came about??????? What were the day by day events????

<< I suggest you read up on the history of Jews, the Nazi government in
Germany, the annexation of Austria by Germany, the persecution of Jews in
history, especially in the first half of the 20th century, the outbreak of World
War II, the German occupation of france, the German death camps and the german
annihilation of six million Jews. Your librarian will be able to advice you.
That will help put the story into perspective. >>

Michael Bernet, New York

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