Desparately Seeking Saul SAMUELS #general

Nurit Kraus-Friedberg <n.kraus-friedberg@...>

Hi, all!
I need to get in touch with a cousin who has fallen out of touch with the
rest of the family and I wonder if anyone out there knows him or if,
perhaps, he might read this himself.
His name is Saul Samuels, his mother's name was Ada, father was Sam. He
was the nephew of my grandmother Pauline who was Ada's sister. He last
visited my grandparents at their home in the Bronx back in the early
1970's. At the time he was living somewhere in New Jersey not far >from
New York, was married (or at least had been married) to a woman >from an
Italian family and had two children.
I'd very much appreciate any leads.
Nurit Kraus-Friedberg

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