Re: KRAFT/FRIEDLANDER {was: Town of Zlatowya????} #austria-czech

Marc Piel <marcpiel@...>

Many thanks for your reply.
I am sorry if I unintentionally caused any
confusion. I have replied directly to Mr Bernet
because apparently my english is not very good and
he answered as if I was a stupid imbecile. I know
the history, half my family disappeared, but was
looking for a day to day description of how it
started. Two other people understood better and
gave me the title of several books. I thank them

Since my first posting in July I have found some
answers but not others:
Wolf (Wilhelm) had in anticipation (I guess) sent
his two children to Paris, and ended coming
himself. He was picked up twice by the Gestapo and
the second time sent to Auschwitz. Sura (or Sika)
née Kraft went to England and survived although I
have not so far been able to trace her - last
tracks lead to the USA. They were both >from
Bukowina. They were married in Siret (then
Sereth). Have not been able to trace the town of
"Zlatowya" but again there are several directions.
There are several Friedlanders on the "Wall of
names" in Paris, but only Wolf is >from my family.
Have so far found very little about the Kraft
side. Thank you for your info - it will help.
Marc Piel

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