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Dear Andy
Some thought on the names you have listed:
See below:

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I need some help with given names. Following are some names on our ADASKIN
family tree, and I don't know the gender. Perhaps some of these are
nicknames, I don't know. If anyone has some ideas, I would appreciate some
from Norma Brewer:
I have left gaps where I do not know.

Bashe= I think this is a diminutive- actually of a Russian or Polish
female name - I think Barbara- but perhaps there are
other possibilities. not a Yiddish name. Look for Yiddish
alternatives- eg Brocha- or maybe this was the Russian
verson of Bryna.
Braine= I think this is a Yiddish female name. It was my mother's. We
spelt it Bryna- pronounced Bry-na
Ellye I think this is female
but I suppose it could also be >from Eliyahu- ie Elijah, a male
name. I don't know.
Hinde again, I think femaile, and a diminutive I don't know what
There is also Hindel
Hirche I think this is Hirsch- ie with the meaning of deer = also
equals Zvi
The diminutive of Hirsch is Hirschel/Hershel. This is a
male name. It was the name of one of my maternal uncles
Itche possibly >from Yitschok- ie Isaac- a male name
Nokhem = This is a very common given name. It was my grandfather's.
He was Nochem Leib.
Osher= A f amous Yiddish cantor, who appears in Yiddish movies of the 30's
, was Moshe Osher
Rishe = I think Rishe and Rishke are just versions of the same
Rishke- also I think, female.
Shendel Shendel is the diminutive of Sheine- ie Beautiful. It
is the name of one of my freinds, Chana Sheindel.
IOt is a woman's name.
Shlayme Shlayme= Shlpyme ie Solomon. It is a male name.
Sholem (Male ?)= yes, definitely. It means Peace. Sholem Asch is a well
known Yiddish writer.
Sorre Sorre was the name of one of my great-aunts. It is the
Yiddish for Sarah- ie a female name. So-rre (pron)
Tobe Tobe is again a female name. It was the name of one of
mygreat aunts. Pronounced as two syllables-
To-be. (tow-be)
Tsippe This is a dimiutivce of Tsipporrah. She was someone in
the Bible.
I met two Tsipporahs this Pesach when I went to
Yoshe Yoshe, and Yoshke, are male names- short for Yoshua, ie
Joshua, I think.

I am sure that there is a book of Jewish/Yiddish forenames- in fact I think
I saw such a one when I was hunting recently on the Net.
I hope my information and suggestions are of help.
Norma Brewer
(Nachama Leibe bas Yisroel Ber)
... Andy Schwartz, researching ADASKIN, in St. Louis, MO

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