KALISCH, KRONENGOLD and WILLNER, Lviv, Krakow, Zbaraz and Tarnopol #general

Rebecca Fenning <macguffin317@...>

I am currently researching the KALISCH family of Lviv, and with help from
JRI-Poland, I have a few more leads. Pinkas KALISCH and his wife Ettel (or
Ella-Leya) ACHT had at least three children: Max KALISCH (1875 in Lviv -
1947 in York, PA) and two daughters that were said to be living in Europe
at the time of Max's death. Well, with help >from JRI-Poland I think I have
found his two sisters.

Debora KALISCH of Lwow married Jakob KRONENGOLD of Krakow in 1898. Debora
is certainly Max's sister -- Pinkas and Ella-Leya are given as her parents.
They had at least two daughters: Stefania KRONENGOLD married Joel-Lobl
RUBINSTEIN of Podgorze in 1921, and Helena KRONENGOLD married Louis-Ludwik
HESS of Berlin in 1934. (Are these hyphenated first names just versions of
the same name in different languages?)

Rachel Lea KALISZ of Lwow married a Moses WILLNER of Zbaraz, with whom she
had at least 4 children, all born in Zbaraz: Hermann (1889), Feige (1892),
Isidor (1895) and Ozyasz (1896). This last child's gender is not given --
what gender is the name Ozyasz given commonly? Also, would the actual
records contain more information about Rachel Lea and Moses's parentage?

Lastly there is an Israel KALISCH of Tarnopol listed by JRI-PL, whose
relation to me I don't know anything about. He just spells the name the
same way as my relations. Israel KALISCH married Riwke Ruchel WERBER, and
had 7 children : Sussel (1880), Leon (1882), Pinkas (1884), Abraham (1888),
Elias (1891), Moses (1896) and Saloman (1898).

These are all my loose ends, and I thought I'd just throw them out there to
see if anyone else has connections to these families.

Rebecca Fenning
Los Angeles, CA

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