Privacy and the deceased #general

Paul Silverstone

It is regrettable that while most of us probably respect the
privacy and feelings of our relatives there are some who will
ignore these feelings. When I discover that the father of an
individual committed suicide or that someone wasa adopted and
they have not divulged this information to me, I respect their
privacy in that regard.

But our society does not feel this way. Look at the memorial to
Franklin Delano Roosevelt which shows him in a wheelchair. This
was something he kept very private and the monument is a distortion
of history. I would very much like to discover the school records
of my father (circa 1908-18) = in fact I would like to discover
anything I can about his early life.

In Canada they are talking about destroying the 1911 census to
protect the privacy of those people who were described 90 years
ago - no doubt most of them are still living!

Paul Silverstone wrote:
I fully agree with you regarding privacy and the deceased. I do
not feel it > would be fair to our loved ones to divulge events
in their lifetime that they wanted and kept private. Who are we
not to respect their wishes as long as no one else got hurt.
Paul Silverstone
New York
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