VM #690 Marriage Certificate - Hebrew #general

Debbie Raff <seraff@...>

I would appreciate it if those of you who can read and understand Hebrew
could check out ViewMate #690. I have downloaded my parents' marriage
certificate / ketubah??? I can read the 'Mazel Tov' on the far left and
the first 4 lines, somewhat... I think line #1 says: "Mrs. Yetta (Itte)
line #2 "Mr. Zev-Wolf ______?? RAFF
line #3 perhaps, witness?? "Yehudit" (Aunt Judy?)
line #4 perhaps, witness?? "Isaac" (Uncle Ike?)
even this is not complete, but after that I am lost, other than the date of
the marriage on the far bottom of the certificate. It looks to me like the
word 'G-d' may begin one sentence, and I see the word "Israel", but don't
know if it refers to my father or the country of Israel.

The Hebrew is quite ornate, so for example, the "aleph" looks like the
letter "K". For those who enjoy challenges, maybe you can find some
additional information for me. Of course, I thank you for your time...

Debbie Raff
The very, very, very sunny southern California desert

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