Re: Ship Passenger List Help #general

Vladimir Tetelbaum


In think I found it using Morse's web search engine

Abram Czernos
April 14, 1913
Line #0030

His age is marked as 21 (pretty close)
His is >from Wiencze, Russia but on the manifest
original he marks his relative back home as father,
Leib Czernos, Wiencze, Kiew

Foster City, CA

Altefox@... wrote:

I checked the Ellis Island site for my father's
arrival records and found
no match.
Here's the information I do have >from his
Declaration of Intention for
Citizenship (#41077) filed in the city of New York
on June 25, 1915 as
born in Kiev, Russia on April 20, 1893
emigrated >from Rotterdam on the vessel Rotterdam
arrived in the port of New York on or about April
15, 1913

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