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Dear fellow researchers! I want to express my appreciation to each of you
who tried to help me find a record of Hersh Kalafer in the Ellis Island
files. Unfortunately, all was in vain. I originally found the manifest
for the arrival of Hersh Kalafer at an LDS Family History Center. They
had a copy of the US National Archives Arrival List Microfilm No. K120
that showed the arrival of the SS Kroonland at Ellis Island on December
21, 1904. One of the passengers was Hersh Kalafer, age 28. His place of
origin is shown as Austria. Unfortunately, it was one of my early
attempts at geneological reseach and I failed to do what every good
researcher should do: Make a Copy. I have checked every name on the
orginal manifest pages of the SS Kroonland for that date in the Ellis
Island files. There is no listing of Hersh Kalafer or any similar entry.
Victor Singer
You've got the wrong spelling for the database.

Hersch Kalika, Russia, Hebrew, Residence Podolsk, Date of Arrival 22 Nov
1904, Age 28, Male Single, SS Kroonland, departed Antwerp, Belgium. He is
on line 21 of frame 0638 and

On the original manifest he is marked as traveling with a cousin who's last
name is Kleinman. They are both 28. Your relative was a laborer but his
cousin was married and a tailor. They were going together to their cousin
(D. Gurschman??) at 200 Midleton St, Brooklyn. I can't get the second page
of the manifest, but now that you've got the spelling the database is
using, you ought to be able to try again at a better time.

Stella Calderon Nemeth

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