Re: Help with names #galicia

Mike Glazer <glazer@...>

I wish to thank all those who have so kindly replied to my request for help
with names. They have all more or less said the same thing thus confirming
my own initial thoughts. The exciting thing for me is that prior to
yesterday I kbnew very little about my Glazer ancestry beyond the fact that
my grandfather came >from Lipkany. Yesterday I received photocopies of some
pages >from the 1848 census of Lipkany in which three Glazer families are
listed. As a result I think I now have a list of names stretching back to
the mid 1700's. I hope to put the documents up later on Viewmate as there
are still a few items I have been unable to read.

Mike Glazer

Researching: GLAZER (Lipkany, Bessarabia), ROMANOVSKY (Poltava), JARZEMBSKI
(NE Warsaw), BEDEROV (Vitebsk Gorodok)

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