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A.Mervyn Fox <amfox@...>

Where does one start when looking for Jewish relatives in
India? There doesn't appear to be a SIG for India.
Best wishes,

If you are not familiar with Indian Jewry there is a good
introduction at

If you are looking for European Jews who died in india it can
be extremely difficult. I have a list of the Calcutta cemetery burials
and notes on the Madras brial ground, and the Bombay communities are
still active and could be contacted direct. The Calcutta comunity
originated in Iraq and if one can trace a family back to that homeland
there are Iraqui and Sephardi websites of relevance. The former Rabbi of
the Calcutta community lives in Philadelphia and is a historian with a
marvellous knowledge. The former Haham Dr Gaon knew many of the old Indian
families intimately - I'm not sure if his successor does. The older
generations of Indian Jews still tend to preserve much oral genealogy and
a single contact can blossom into a whole Tree. If you like to let me know
privately exactly for whom you are searching I can tell you if I have any
further ideas.

Mervyn Fox, Canada

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