How to find my GERSHENGORN family in Odessa? #general

Herut Shlomoff <heruts@...>

Dear friends,
I am asking for your experienced-scholar help.

My late grandmother, Malka Gershengorn, born in Kherson 1898, joined
the "Ha Chalutz" (Zionist organization), left her life and her family
in Ukraine in 1919 and went to Palestine (Israel).

Only in 1964, she managed to meet again with her siblings, when she made
a trip to Ukraine for that purpose. The only hint that I have about that
reunion is a postcard that she wrote to my mother, telling her that she
is going to meet her family in ODESSA. Unfortunately, she didn't mention
their names.

As I know, Malka met in Odessa with her 4 sisters and maybe her brother
- Grisha Gershengorn - too. As for the sisters, I know only 2 first names:
Dora & Sonya and that they were married and had children.

What steps do I have to take to find their offspring?

Thank you for you advice,
Herut, Israel

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