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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

In response to the posting regarding "Old Paterson Shuls", it would
help if the state or country where Paterson is located was provided.
Is it Paterson, New Jersey... or Paterson, Washington... or Paterson,
South Africa... or somewhere else?

By the way, what is "old"? The 1850's, or 1905 or 1950??? See what
I mean???

Also, who is Uncle Yehuda Leib of Pinczow? Does he have a last name,
birth/death dates, when did he live in Paterson, what country is
Pinczow in, etc?

Is there a death certificate for Uncle Yehuda Leib? On the death
certificate will be the burial place and then you can track down
perhaps which synagogue may have been associated with the plot, if
there was one. The Jewish Federation in that part of the world
may have a list of cemeteries and contacts for them.

All these factors are important in finding information about Uncle
Yehuda Leib and were not provided. There are a number of people
from Paterson, NJ, or researching Paterson, NJ, who might be able
to assist and might recognize Uncle Yehuda Leib if he only had a name!!!

Given all that, there is a shul in Paterson, NJ, that my great
grandparents attended and where I found the information on their
burial plots >from when they died in 1922/1923. It is a shul that
is a combination of two older shuls:

Congregation B'nai Israel=Ahavath Joseph

Remember, you should also put where you are located so people can
direct you to resources close to where you are.

Good luck,

Ann Rabinowitz

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