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Vital records for the Western part of Ukraine (former Austrian province of
Galicia) are housed in both the Ukraine State Archives in Lviv and The
Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw, better known as the AGAD
Archives. This covers records for the towns of Zolochev and Stryy.

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland is indexing the vital records housed at
the AGAD Archives for Zolochev and Stryy. These include the following

Births: 1865-1871, 1876-1897, 1899
Marriages: 1877-1897
Deaths: 1855-1875, 1877-1897

Births: 1870-1872, 1875-1899
Marriages: 1877-1883, 1885-1899
Deaths: 1869-1899

These indices, when placed online, will allow researchers to "search" the
vital record holdings of the AGAD Archives >from the comfort of their homes
and order, >from AGAD, only those records that are of interest.

For more information about the AGAD Archives indexing project, see our
website at <> or write
privately to me.

In addition, it is reported that the Lviv archives houses 1825-1855 births
and deaths for Zolochev and 1846-1858 births, 1827-1876 marriages, and
1827-1863 deaths for Stryy. As far as I know, there is no organized
project to index the Lviv Archives holdings of vital records.

For Lviv records, I have heard that researchers have had success in
directed searches by writing to the Lviv Archives. I have heard that you
can write in English and they will respond in Ukrainian.

Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Lviv
3a Plaza Soborna
290006 Lviv

I am sorry, but I cannot help with information about the other towns.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Archive Coordinator

In a message dated 7/21/01 3:37:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Is there an archive to which I can write for records >from Ukraine? I
cannot seem to locate on the Ukraine SIG web site any instructions for
obtaining records akin to those set forth for the respective countries
under the jurisdiction of Litvak SIG and Jewish Records Indexing -
Poland. Is this because Ukraine will not do searches for records? If
it is in fact possible to request a search for records there, does
anyone know to what address I should write, whether I can write in
English, and how much money I need to send? The particular records I am
seeking pertain to four towns: Gertsa, Stryy, Mukachevo, and Zolochev.
Since my knowledge of Ukrainian geography is poor, I am not even sure to
what present-day oblasts (or is it gubernias?) these towns belong. Any
help anyone can provide on this latter issue would also be much
appreciated. I do know that at the time my ancestors lived there,
Gertsa (known then as Hertza) was in Romania; Zolochew (Zloczow) and
Stryy were in Galicia; and Mukachevo (Munkacs) was in Hungary. Should I
actually be writing to Romania, Austria, and Hungary, respectively, for
these records, or is Ukraine the right place?

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