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Gary Mokotoff <mokotoff@...>

Bernie Hirsch questioned the entry in Alexander Beider's "A Dictionary of
Jewish Surnames >from the Kingdom of Poland" which states that the surname
GLINKI is a toponym, that is, it is based on the village name Glinki. He
notes that GLINKA means "white bowl (clay)" and might be the true source
of the name.

Town names can originate >from physical features of the area. The Glinki
town name might have as its source the fact that the soil in the area
contained a lot of clay. The surname GLINKA might also have as its source
the fact that the person who acquired the surname worked with clay.

In my own personal family history, the surname TARTACKI could derive from
the Polish word for "sawmill" or the town name Tartak which undoubtedly has
its origins in the fact that a sawmill existed there. The Tartacki family
has it origins in Sokolka, Poland, which is only 30 miles >from a Polish
town named Tartak. But some members of the family operated a sawmill in
the 19th century, so the origin of the name is a toss up.

Gary Mokotoff

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