Re: Burial Information in St. Paul, MN #general

Mike Posnick

The former Russian Brotherhood Cemetery is part of the West Side Hebrew
Cemetery in St. Paul. I can't explain why you did not receive a response
to the letter you sent to the cemetery, but I will happy to obtain
whatever information you desire if you will write to me privately.

Mike Posnick
Minneapolis, Minnesota
e-mail: mpoz@...

In his JewishGen message of 23 July 2001, Michael A Kassner, wrote:

Does anyone living in the St.Paul, Mn. area know of an address of a
Cemetery or Temple that I could write to, for the purpose of locating the
name and address of the current cemetery where my Grandfather Michael
Smith is buried.

The Death certificate that I have on Michael Smith, states that he was
buried in the Russian Cemetery in St. Paul,Minnesota. He died on
November 9, 1920, and the undertaker was Jacob Rockstroh.

I wrote to West Side Hebrew Cemetery in St. Paul , MN last Feb.19th, 2001
with a self addressed stamped envelope and never received any reply.

There are three cemeterys located at Barclay and Maryland streets.

North Gate: West Side Hebrew Cemetery, Russian Brotherhood and Adath

Middle Gate: B'Nai Abraham, now called: Sons of Abraham

South Gate: West Side Hebrew Cemetery

The reason that I wrote to the West Side Hebrew Cemetery was that it was
the newest of them, and since he died in 1920 I reasoned that he would
have been buried there.

If anyone could give me any information on the above I would be grateful
for your reply.

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