Aharon Appelfeld article in New Yorker re Prague #general

Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

For those members who were born in Prague or who have ancestors from
Prague --

There's an interesting (and beautifully written) article in the July 23
issue of the New Yorker by renowned Israeli writer Aharon Appelfeld. The
article (entitled "The Katfa Connection") is primarily about Kafka (the
city's most renowned author) but also describes the the city of Prague,
comparing how it was "then," (before the Holocaust) and now. Appelfeld
starts by reminiscing about visiting Prague as a child of six with his
mother and how for many years he wanted to return to Prague but how the
"fear of revisiting scenes of [his] childhood" held him back.

For those not familiar with his work, Appelfeld survived the Holocaust by
escaping into the forest; later he emigrated to Israel, where he has lived
ever since. All of his novels deal with the years leading up to the
Holocaust; it is never mentioned specifically but it always there, lurking
in the background.

(I have no financial interest in the magazine nor in the author's body of

Naidia Woolf


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