newspaper preservation technique? #general

jon glazer

In order to preserve some newspaper items (originally a cartoon) I faced
them with Scotch mailing tape. I felt this would hold the paper together
even though it turned yellow and brittle. The technique has the virtues of
great simplicity, low cost and convenience. I have no idea of its
durability nor whether there are undesirable chemicals in the adhesive. I
also wonder whether putting a layer on the back of the paper would be
gilding the lily.
I invite your comments on this matter but please, respond directly to my
e-mail address as this is kinda off-topic. With the moderator's permission
I will later post a synopsis of your consensus.
BTW, I am well aware there are other, more kosher ways to preserve paper.

Jon Glazer jon@...

MODERATOR NOTE: A summary would be most welcome. Public replies are
also welcome as long as they remain connected to preserving genealogical
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