HELLO #austria-czech

jcl me <jamgai@...>

I am a new member of your group and come with what
might have been an amazing family discovery. I was
under the impression that my great, great grandfather
SAMUEL NEUWIRTH was austrian. he's listed as that
in the US census.

another of his great great grandsons informs me he was
always taught that "grandpa sam" was czech...

how would I go about finding out?

according to my research, SAMUEL NEUWIRTH was born in
1868 in austria (no city mentioned), came to the US in 1883,
settled in essex county, newark, new jersey, where he married
a woman named THERESA who may or may not have been the daughter
of newark's first optician (and the recipient of PRINCE STREET being
named in his honor.

they had three children: HARRIET, JOSEPH, AND ESTELLE.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks, in advance,

jeffrey leeds
sherman oaks, california

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