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Aron Y.B. Ben-Zev <aronbenzev@...>

Firstly, thanx to the many people who responded about the AKT's and 3 who
responded about Wilk or Ciechanow.

I have a few questions. I have through the marriage record (>from London) of
my great grandfather, the names of his 2 brothers and father. I have
matched that up with the JRI records and now have 3 birthdates with AKT
records, and some of the details of my grandfather and some of his
siblings, though nowhere near complete.

This is what I have:
Izrajel Szimon Wilk b.876, akt.39
Abram Ajzyk Wilk b.1883, akt.67 - this is my great grandfather (m. Sarah
Goldstein in London in 1906)
Moszjek Josjek Wilk b.1888, akt.1

I know that their father's Hebrew name was Yisroel Tzvi HaKohen Wilk, and
that the whole family was/is Kohanim.

I however have no information of the birth/death/marriage records of their
parents. I also know through a Howard Petrook of Canada, that my great
grandfather was on the same boat to England as the Petrooks, because they
made the match, between his mother (Esther Petrook nee Wilks) and his

If anybody could help me with anything through these records I would
appreciate it.

Note to the NG: Please respond to me directly at aronbenzev@bezeqint.net as
it would have little to do with the newsgroup.

All the best,
Aron Y.B. Ben-Zev,
Ra'anana, ISRAEL.
Researching: Sklaniewicz, Wilk

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