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With regards to the theme of helping our descendents to know something of
their family, in the upcoming Australian Census next week, the Australian
Bureau of Statistics is including on the census form a box which can be
ticked to have one's census data microfilmed and preserved in a time
capsule for a 100 years. The idea being that in 100 years time our
descendents will be able to get an idea of what our life is like today.

Given the problems I've had in finding out about my family over the past
100 years I for one will certainly be ticking this box for the benefit of
my future descendents.

Stephen Mednick
Sydney, Australia

MEDNICK (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)
SACHS/SACKS (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)

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Recently,I've been noticing that an increasing number of people, who have
contacted me regarding genealogy, have been focusing on trying to obtain
information on their families for the benefit of their descendants.
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So, the lesson in all this is to talk to your family, enroll them as
members of your genealogy research team, teach them to help you with bits
and pieces as they are able,and most of all,encourage them to learn about
their Jewish heritage through genealogy. It is not all dry records
retrieval by any means!!!

Ann Rabinowitz

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