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On Thu, 2 Aug 2001 wrote:
In 1903 my maternal great-aunt, her husband and 3 children arrived at
Ellis Island. In looking over the passenger manifest I noticed the
numbers "6501" written directly to the left of her husband's name. Would
anyone know the significance of these numbers?
See the new Ellis Island Database FAQ, available at

MANIFESTS #9 may be the answer to this. Normally when there are
handwritten numbers, they are accompanied by a date and were part of the
naturalization process. I personally haven't seen any other type of
handwritten numbers to the left of a passenger's name.

On the 1900 passenger manifest for my paternal great-uncle, the capital
letters "S" and what appears to be a "C" (i.e. "SC") are written
directly to the left of his name. Any ideas about this one?
This is SI, which stands for Special Inquiry. See MANIFESTS #5 and #6 in
the FAQ for more information.

[ Note: the numbers provided above may be off by one or two when you
actually view the FAQ. An update is in progress and some items have been
shifted down, but I'm not sure exactly when that update will be posted. ]

Hope this helps!

Elise Friedman
Columbia, Maryland

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