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<< I . . . come with what might have been an amazing family discovery. I was
under the impression that my great, great grandfather SAMUEL NEUWIRTH
was austrian. he's listed as that in the US census. another of his great
grandsons informs me he was always taught that "grandpa sam" was czech...
according to my research, SAMUEL NEUWIRTH was born in
1868 in austria >>

==Everyone is right on this one. When your ggf was born, Czechoslovakia did
not exist. Like Galicia and Hungary it was part of the Austrian empire. Your
ggf was probably born in a Czech speaking area (but perhaps a Slovak area)
of Austria, but there was no country named Czechoslovakia before 1918, when you
grandfather was already 50 years old.

==Welcome to our List. Here's a first useful lesson in genealogy--or
anywhere on the Web: the subject line is meant to be used by you to tell others
what is special or important about your message. Many of us get 100 messages a
day. We are forced to delete every message that isn't obviously relevant. My
experience with subject lines like "Hello" (especially all upper-case) is that
it's someone luring me to view dirty movies, buy sham drugs or invest in
penny stocks that will suddenly go up in price tomorrow. I usually do the same
thing to all unidentifiable subject lines--I delete them. And so do most of
the busy, well-informed genners.

==If you'd written "Grandfather, born 1968, Austrian or Czech?" you might
have had 20 people read the message and a dozen answer it.

==And here's a clue for the name. Surprisingly, it's not in the Dictionary
of German Jewish Surnames. Wirt is German for proprietor, landowner or
innkeeper. Neu means new. This could have been the source of the family name. I
have a hunch, though, that they took the name >from a town with a similar name.
Go to's Shtetl Seeker. Check out, with the soundex option, a
place named Neuwirth, in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, or Poland. Look up
the name on jewishgen's family finder. And post again, on austriaczech and
on jewishgen a specific query. And this time, in the subject line, put

<< Samuel NEUWIRTH, born "Austria" 1868 >>

Michael Bernet, New York

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