Researching Ester PAGLIN #general

Harold Resnik <charmer@...>

Good day, Genners

I am seeking info on Ester PAGLIN, who lived in Boston >from 1910 to 1920.
I find that she was a naturilised American citizen. She applied for a
passport to go to South Africa. The application was made by a firm of
attorneys, Hurwitz and Hurwitz, in Boston on 14 March 1919.

Does this firm of attoneys, or their successors, still exsist ?

How can I confirm that my mother, Ester PAGLIN was naturilised, when and
where ?

How do I go about pointing out an incorrect detail on the transcribing of a
ship's manifest recording that Ester PAGLIN arrived at EI on 3 July 1910,
from Tauroggen, Russia, and not Taurogen, Hungary. The information has
been captured incorrectly.

Can any Genner help ?

Harold Resnik
South Africa.

MODERATOR NOTE: The Ellis Island Database FAQ & Tips, availabe at, contains information
about submitting corrections.

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