Re: Social Security Information #general

Adelle Gloger

On August 12,2001 Elynn Boss posted the message copied below.

Although Elynn does not indicate the year her her great-grandmother
returned to France, she might try contacting the US State Department to
inquire about passport application information and information regarding the
death of an American citizen who died in a foreign country. This would give
her the information she is seeking. Not only would there be info about place
of death, but also cause of death,and who was notified of the death.

I sent off a bunch of SS-5 requests prior to the fee change cut off. I
am now getting some of the forms back. They are including the fee
changes for various requests. There is a fee for a search for
information about death or an individual, with and without an SSN
number. I hadn't heard of this before. Does anyone know what
information is provided?

My step-great grandmother (the only great-grandmother I knew) returned
to France following the death of my great-grandfather. I sent for her
SS-5, but I really wanted to obtain her death record >from France.
Unfortunately, I don't know where or when she died, but I think it was
in France. Would it be worth my while to request this serarch from
SSA? I hired someone a long time ago in France to try to search this
for me, but the person was bogus (but that is another story). If I
narrow down where and when she died in France, could I write to request
her death information? This is especially important because I find no
record of a marriage of my great-grandfather to her in the US. I
suspect that they married in France. I also suspect that they married
in the place she died.
Adelle Weintraub Gloger
Shaker Hts., Ohio

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