International Symposium: The History of Jewish Diasporas in China #general

Carol Rombro Rider

For those interested in the history of the Jews in China, there was an
announcement on the KULANU website of a conference to be held in China in
May, 2002. Please get in touch with KULANU through their website or David
Turetsky at dturetsky@...

Scholars, teachers, research fellows, descendants of Jewish
communities in China, and other interested parties are invited to attend
the May 5-9, 2002 International Symposium on "The History of Jewish
Diasporas in China" sponsored by The Center for Jewish Studies at Nanjing
University. The Symposium, which will explore the latest discoveries,
achievements, and developments in the study of the history of Jewish
Diaspora in China, will be organized by and take place at two locales:
Nanjing and Kaifeng.

The following represent areas of interest that will be addressed:
Study of the Kaifeng Jewry; Study of the history of Jewish Communities
in Harbin, Shanghai, Tienjin, and Hong Kong in Modern China;
Relations between the Chinese and Jewish people; and future perspectives
of Jewish Diaspora in 21st Century China.

The first three full days of the conference, in Nanjing, will be
allotted to scholarly papers and discussions. The fourth and fifth days
will consist of field trips to original sites of the Kaifeng Jewish

Surely those of us with both Ashkenazi and Sephardic interest in the
Jews of China will find this conference fascinating.

Carol Rombro Rider Baltimore, Maryland CRomRider@...

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