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Abraham D. Gordom <hanale@...>


You were wondering if Jews did not sometimes emigrate under assumed,
temporary identities.

When my father left Galicia in 1913 to avoid the Austrian draft, he
traveled to the US with papers that belonged to another person. The
only way I found his "other identity" on the EIDB was because he came
with my aunt and he was listed right after her on the manifest.
However, the spelling of his "other identity" was so wrong that I had to
locate more info to be sure it really was him.

I have a copy of his "Petition for Citizenship" , dated in April, 1926.
Item #6 states in part "My lawful entry for permanent residence in the
United States was at (name of port of entry), under the name of (name
used in passage to the US) on (date of entry) on the vessel (ship's
name) as shown by the certificate of my arrival attached hereto. This
Petition is a printed form with blanks to be filled in. It seems that
many others did something similar to my father, whether they used their
real names or assumed names during the ship's passage.

After he arrived in 1913, he again used his real name.

Sylvia Gordon
New York

Researching: EISENSTEIN (Galicia--Bolshovtsy, Lvov, Ottynia & other
nearby towns)
REBENSTOCK/REWENSTOCK (Galicia--Podgaytsy, Zlotniki and other nearby

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