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Dear Genners:

If it were not for JewishGen, the London Conference and a professional
researcher whose expertise is in Manchester Jewry, my success in
researching my MARKS family would never have happened.

My pggf Israel MARKS, arrived in Manchester, England possibly in the 1880s
from somewhere in Russia. He may have married his first wife Yetta
SCHANOFSKI (CHINOFSKI) before leaving Russia. He became a cobbler and
produced 7 known children.

Yetta SCHANOFSKI (CHINOFSKI) was the mother of Barney (Barnet) born July
1883 and Morris born. March 1885.

Israel's second wife Yetta's (Esther) maiden name varies with each of the 5
remaining births. It is recorded as COHEN, COVEANSKI, KOVANSKIE or COMENSKY.

Julius (Joseph) born 1892, Mary born July 1894, Florence (Fanny) my pgm
born May 1897, Joey (Joseph) born Dec 1897 and Minnie born 1902.

Israel left Manchester for America in 1903 and the rest of the family
followed in 1904. They settled in Chicago, IL, and Israel opened a
shoemaker shop on Maxwell St.

Two generations before me tried and failed to obtain birth certificates for
the children.
Documentation was found for 1 or 2 while the balance remained undiscovered.

The details of my research are covered by an article in the Jerusalem Post,
written by Schelly Talalay Dardashti. It can be accessed at the following URL:
Please note upper & lower case letters.

In addition to finding all seven birth certificates, my researcher lead me
to the school registers. These admission registers are a very precious
source of research. They are a microcosm of the Jewish community in
Manchester 100+ years ago. This area is called Cheetham.

Through these books I was able to follow the children for several years,
and, by doing so began to "see" the community in which they lived.

The only way you are allowed to copy any portion of these registers, is to
do so by hand, in pencil.
My husband, Jerry and I were able to record every Marks family living in
Cheetham over a period of about a decade, whose children were listed on
these pages.

In the weeks to come I will be making these available as I transcribe them.

I am convinced that without my researcher, who understands the ins and out
of Jewish research in Manchester, none of the above would be possible.

If you wish to contact her please contact me privately.

Last but not least I wish to thank Schelly for her beautiful article
honoring my MARKS family.

We have made a donation to JewishGen honoring both of these women.


Bobbi Cohen
San Diego, CA

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