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Ron Goldman

I have a grandfather >from Lomza.I know the (very) approximate year he was
born. I found his name I always knew him by might not have even been his
family name.(He changed it after coming to the states.)The way the Polish
Archives works, would this be enough information?
Thank you very much,
David Edelman.
Stan Goodman wrote:
<< As unlikely as it sounds, I found my own grandparents with no more
than you know about yours, or rather they were found by an extremely
knowledgable user who recognized the combination of their given names
when I was an utter newbie; when the smoke had cleared away, the tale
was even posted as a success story on this forum. I knew only given
names for both grandparents; I had a mistaken idea of his original
surname and no notion of hers; I didn't know what town they were from,
only Lomza Gubernia (and you probably don't know either whether your
grandfather meant he was >from Lomza town or Lomza Gubernia any more
than I did). >>

I have the same problem re: my pggparents who came >from Suwalki (Town?

My problem is compounded by the fact that I don't know if the surname was
changed before, or after they got to the US, and I'm not even 'sure' of
the original surname, only having family word of mouth info.

Searching by their given names is also blocked by not having any idea of
their fathers' names. One of their sons, who was overly generous with his
wealth, decided that engraved headstones were commonplace and that 'his'
parents should have all the usual data on bronze plates affixed to the
headstones. Who knew >from vandalism back in 1940, eh? So the bronze was
stolen, and the headstones are blank now, and I'm unable to look for B-M
data for Solomon, son of ???

There's an upside to this. The cemetery (Mt. Carmel) gave me the name and
phone # of the original monument company which is still in business and
*has* the records >from 1940.

There's also a downside. Repeated promises >from said monument company to
send me this info have not been kept, despite many calls to them over a
6 month period. The last time I called the guy told me that he
was 'frankly afraid' that I would use that info to order replacement
engraving >from another company.

Anyone interested in a bit of B&E? <grin>

Ron Goldman

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