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Stan Goodman <stan@...>

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001 03:21:20, bks@... (Barbara Schoenburg)

Does anyone know of a web site in which I can type in the map coordinates
and find out what are the current names of a town and which country it is

MODERATOR NOTE: JewishGen's ShtetlSeeker is exactly that kind
of database. In addition to the town name search, it can also
list all of the towns within a certain distance of given latitude
and longitude coordinates. You can use this feature by going to
the Radius Search page at
A caveat to the above advice of the moderator: Map coordinates are not
absolute, but relative to a given grid. I do not know (I have never
checked, or even know if the grid is defined on the JewishGen site)
what grid JewishGen uses. You need to be careful that the coordinates
you get >from some other source are compatible with the grid used by

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MODERATOR NOTE: Please read the "Intoduction and Background" of the
ShtetlSeeker at <>. This refers to
conistency with coordinates used by The U.S. Defense Mapping Agency (DMA)
and "Where Once We Walked."

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