Thousands of new indices added to JRI-Poland database #general

Stanley Diamond

The summer months may be vacation time for many of you
but it does not mean that JRI-Poland volunteers have been
taking it easy.

Through the yeoman efforts of our database manager, Michael
Tobias, Shtetl CO-OP Coordinator Hadassah Lipsius, Archive
Coordinators, Shtetl CO-OP leaders and our many, many
volunteers, a long list of new data is now on-line and ready
for searching.

In addition, there are thousands of indices that have been
completed under the umbrella of the JRI-Poland / Polish
State Archives project but have not yet been released.

Here's what's new along with a little history on each project:

Indexing by Jim Feldman's Annopol Shtetl CO-OP. It's the
first time Annopol indices have been available on-line.

Bialystok (Shtetl CO-OP)
Through the efforts of Sonia Hoffman, extended indices of many
additional years of filmed LDS records of Bialystok are now on
line. It won't be long before all the LDS filmed records will
be indexed and conveniently available through JRI-Poland

Bialystok (PSA Project)
During the last several months, the data entry team in Warsaw
completed indexing the 1899 births that were not available
when the Bialystok Town project was initially launched. In
addition, a staff member of the Bialystok archives - working
directly for JRI-Poland, completed work on the 1899 marriages
and deaths. As if he doesn't have enough to do, Mark Halpern
the AGAD Archive Coordinator, continues to lead the Bialystok
Archives project.

Bielsk Podlaski
Another new town to the JRI-Poland database. This data
comes >from a "Shtetl CO-OP Ready" project sponsored by
Robert Fischoff. This small file completes the only LDS
data available for this town.

Once again a Shtetl CO-OP ready project, this time sponsored
by Samy Katz of Sao Paulo, Brazil. More data is in the pipeline
for this town.

Brzeziny (Lodz Gubernia)
Pre-1826 extracts of "patronymic years were provided by
volunteer Fay Bussgang

Brzezany (Galacia)
First time data >from one of the AGAD project towns. Complete
birth, marriage and death indices are all online. Our thanks
go out to Town Leader Jill Rothwell of Auckland, New Zealand
for a job well done.

Data >from the Shtetl CO-OP lead by Yechezkiel Anis of Israel.

Data >from the Shtetl CO-OP headed by David Trost of Toronto,

The first data >from Kozlow, another Galician town in the AGAD
archives is now complete. The name of the successful Town
Leader has familiar ring to it....Mark Halpern.

More first-time data >from an AGAD Archives town. All AGAD
holdings have been indexed and are now available online.
This project is being successfuly led by Paul Gordon.

There is data for this town in both the AGAD and Przemysl
archives. Nancy Arbeiter is the Town Leader for both projects
and the first data - death indices >from AGAD is now on-line.

Opole Lubelski
Tireless, David Price of Toronto, working on his own, has
contributed indices to Death records >from 1826 to 1855.

While a year ago, few people were aware that the records
for this town survived, now all known 19th century Piatek
records - >from 1826 to 1900 - have been indexed under
the leadership of our very own hard-working Treasurer,
Sheila Salo and, in this case, Town Leader for Piatek.
Check out the latest news about this project at the
PSA Project Status on the JRI-Poland web site at:

This Shtetl CO-OP Project under leadership of Flora Gursky
has provided yet another 18 years of data. Flora has been at
it for a long time and as we emphasize to all Shtetl CO-OP
leaders and volunteers, we are a very patient lot...just as
long as you keep working at it!

Sokolow Podlaski
These indices span 1866 to 1899 as well as 1826 which
was not included in the LDS microfilms of earlier years.
The indexing is now complete but is not yet on line.

A special thanks goes to Siedlce Archive Coordinator,
Susan Stone, for her determined efforts to spark the
efforts for this and other towns in the Siedlce project.
Susan and Town Leader Anne Fendrich now need the
participation of all Sokolow Podlaski researchers so
that this data can be released to the JRI-Poland database.

Congratulations to Shtetl CO-OP leader Irene Newhouse!.
The indexing of Wegorzewo is now complete. These records
were not in the Polish Napoleon form but in German gothic

Wegrow Shtetl CO-OP and Polish State Archives data
Susan Stone is not only the Siedlce Archive Coordinator but
because of her personal interest in the Wegrow records has
gone to extraordinary efforts to expedite the indexing of all
the records - both in the LDS microfilms (up to ca 1855) and
the tens of thousands of records in the Polish State Archives.

Not only did Susan do most of the data entry (directly >from
the LDS films rather than photocopies), but also sponsored
the follow-up work to have the surnames added to the many
years of patronymic indices. Now Susan and Town Leader
Sue Kahana need all Wegrow researchers to get involved
so that all Wegrow data can be put on line.

More first time Galician data >from the AGAD Archives project.
And there's more data in the pipeline; check it out on the
AGAD Archives page linked >from the JRI-Poland home page.
Thanks to Town Leader Israel Pickholtz of Israel for his
successful efforts.

The AGAD data keeps pouring in and there is more to be
released. Once again we offer our congratulations to
Israel Pickholtz for leading this project and enabling us to
post these indices to the database.

The Zolkiewka Shtetl CO-OP under the leadership of Kirsten
Gradel of Nyborg, Denmark, has provided many years of new
indices. Kirsten is approaching the completion of the indexing
of the data for her town. Many thanks.

The above data is the result of a tremendous effort by many
many people...

If you are new to the world of Jewish genealogy and/or research
of the records of towns in current and former areas of Poland,
you can read all about the JRI-Poland initiative on our web site

But whether you know all about JRI-Poland or are just starting
out, we want to remind everyone about the global nature of our
project. The new data mentioned above has been provided
through the efforts of volunteers >from all corners...>from Israel
and many states in the U.S., >from Denmark and Brazil, >from
Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. and probably a few I missed.

JRI-Poland is one of the few Jewish genealogical projects
where individuals can play a direct role in the indexing of the
records for 'their' town or towns. Your participation can be
in many forms... Just ask us.

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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