Re: Yiddish/Hebrew Equivalents:Josiel, Joseph? #general

Herb <herbiem@...>

Yussel is a very common Yiddish version for Joseph.

Herb Meyers
Boulder, Colorado

MEYEROWITZ/MAJEROVIC: Lipsha, Ukraine (formerly Hungary)
BERMAN: Mezokaszony/Kosoni, Botrad/Botragy, Ukraine (formerly Hungary)
CHAIMOWITZ/HAYFER: Dragovo/Drahiv/Kovesliget, Ukraine (formerly Hungary)
SOLOMON: Mezokaszony/Kosoni, Ukraine (formerly Hungary)

S. Stuckal wrote in message ...

Could Josiel be a Yiddish or Hebrew version of Joseph?

If not what are some possibilities for Joseph - particularly for
Lithuanian Jews/ALD?

Haven't found this one in the archives. Any help would be appreciated!

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