BOYARSKY from Grodno in Boston area and NYC #belarus


I am trying to connect several families of BOYARSKYs of various spellings. Does anyone know of the following >from the 1920 MA census?...
Nathan and Rebecca BAYORSKY, son Max
6 Wave Way, Winthrop, MA
Caspar and Rose BOYORSKY
26 Wave Way, Winthrop, MA
Benjamin and Rose Boiarsky, son Samuel, daughter Dorothy
10 Wave Way, Winthrop, MA

In NYC in 1900, probably an uncle of the above...
Samuel (Simche?)and Taube BOYARSKY, son Benjamin, son Isydor (Isser?), daughter Rebecca, daughter Celia (Zlate?), daughter Rose (Reisel?), daughter Annie (Hanne?).

Thanks in advance,
Sue Seales, North Carolina
researching:BOYARSKY/Mosty,Grodno FREEDMAN/Siluva,Lithuania
BLUESTEIN/Zareby Koscielne,Poland ROSENTHAL/Wegrow,Poland

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