Re: Cautionary tale-when skeleton is you! #general

Gurtler <gurtler@...>

One doesn't have to be a non-Jew or a socio-path or even a reform Jew to be
the black sheep in the family. A few years ago my wife and I went to the
Brit Milah of a the grandson relative of my wife, a scion of a Galitzianner
family in Jerusalem. Of course Jewish Genealogy came up and the grandmother
of the baby whispered in my wife's ear about a cousin who went off and
married a "Litvak." OH the Shame!!!
David Gurtler

I can certainly relate to this thread. I recently heard >from a
cousin, who found me through the JGFF. I was thrilled, as was she.
I was ready to write up a success story! But I told her I wasn't
Jewish, and I have not heard a word >from her since. Needless to say,
I was hurt and disappointed.

Please keep in mind that the relatives you find may not be Jewish.

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