Re: Lists 6-9 Manchester Jewish School now ready for viewing #general


Dear Genners:

Lists 6 thru 9 are now ready for viewing. These lists include every MARKS
surname with children registered in this school. All school register lists
are now completed.

Each list represents 1 school register book.

List 6 covers MARKS boys birth dates 1887-1894 & admission dates 1894-1902

List 7 covers MARKS boys birth dates 1882-1886 & admission dates 1889-1893

List 8 covers MARKS boys birth dates 1866-1873 & admission dates 1875-1882

List 9 covers MARKS girls birth dates 1886-1900 & admission dates 1893-1907

These are excel file lists. If you would like to view them, or any of the
previous ones, please contact me privately.


Bobbi Cohen
San Diego

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