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This is a call for help with information and photographs on an array of

Lost Katzins:

(1) I'm worried about my cousin Marie JORGULESCO (b. Mary Joy KATZIN
2/10/32 in Chicago, IL; daughter of Wilhelm and Sonja KATZIN). After a
lifetime of close contact, my last several letters to her were returned by
the Brunswick, GA PO. I've searched for her every way I know how and come
up empty. This isn't like her. I'm deeply concerned. If anyone knows where
she is and how she is, please let me know.

(2) Looking for biographical data on my late cousin Olga KATZIN MILLER;
pen name: Sagittarius. I'm not after systematic research; I'd just like to
get to know her.


"Everyone knows" that Jews filled interesting and important roles in an
array of glamorous posts. They were active along the Silk and Incense
Roads, as they were in Achaemenid and Sassanid Persian colonization, trade
and expansion. They were active in Victorian and Edwardian England, and in
the outposts of Empire. The Radhanites (>from the Persian "knowers of the
way") are a story in themselves.

Specifics concerning what everybody knows are difficult to come by,
however. I have a lengthy series in progress for a magazine called "Dogs
in Review." It deals with an array of dog breeds in the Victorian and
Edwardian eras, at home and in the outposts of Empire. Much of each
article is concerned with setting each breed in the context of time and
place, so there's a great deal of info on lifestyles, popular beliefs,
popular culture and so on; in four words, the charm of it all. Like its
sister publication, "Afghan Hound Review," "DR" is an upscale glossy for
show-breeders. They want to be entertained as they're enlightened.

I'd like to make the point that Jews were involved in Victorian expansion,
and in Victorian pursuits, as well. As always, the approach is personal,
not statistical. If anyone has information, anecdotes or photos pertaining
to particular Jews or Jewish families that would prove helpful, please let
me know.

Researching the spread of two breeds of dog, the Afghan Hound and the
Saluki, I noticed some years back that their progress coincided with Jewish
trade and expansion on the Incense, Royal and Silk Roads and throughout the
East. Both of these breeds were highly prized; the best analogies are to
valuable horses or costly caravan goods of the inanimate variety. The dogs
travelled with the caravans as valuable merchandise, not as guards. I
believe that Jews were involved in the spread of these breeds and I'd like
to offer data in support of it. I'd appreciate all the help I can get.

In several senses, all routes met on the Grand Trunk Road, a showpiece of
the British Raj. Information to help document Jewish involvement in the
nexus would be much appreciated.

And finally: I've been asked to turn some lovely family stories into an
article for the same publication. The stories concern everyday life in
Latvia and Germany between the wars, with sojourns at Lithuanian vacation
spots and so on. The stories are loved and lovely; gentle things that
brought a time, a place and a family to life for me. But charm is fragile.
The world-- and the way we interpret it-- have changed radically. I'm not
sure that horses, happy children, Pomeranians, Chart Polski and Kleiner
Spitzen will stretch that far. This is alien corn to the "DR" readers, few
of whom are familiar with the region. One thing is certain: I cannot
conjure that world or the loveliness of it without pictures. To my
profound chagrin, I've lost all of mine. If anyone has photos or
information to share, please contact me.

Bear Rowell
Falls of Rough KY

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