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Dear Lisa,
In my experience, most Jewish Cemeteries in the New York City area can
do a search for a surname. If the name is common, however, like Samuel
Weber or Sarah Cohen then they might want some markers such as the first
name or approximate year.
Different cemeteries, naturally, have different systems. Some still
use cards, some have a database, some answer questions on the phone, some
want requests in writing.
Actually, I prefer the old card system to the database -- less
chance of someone getting accidentally skipped over when inputting all
those myriad names!! And, yes, I have called cemeteries, been told no one
by that name was buried there, and then unearthed a death certificate at
the NYC Municipal Archives which recited just that cemetery.... in which
case the cemetery office then had to go to its older archived card files
to retrieve the data I sought!
Since your relatives resided in Queens, within the five boroughs of
New York City, another way to try to find their death dates and burial
sites would be to go to the NYC Municipal Archives and search the
microfilmed death indexes. These microfilmed death indexes are also
available via the LDS Family History Centers.
Up, Roots!
Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan <>
Long Beach, NY

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<< My relatives would have died sometime post 1928 (they're still
appearing in phone books that year) and it would not have been a
common name. Would they be in the index cards at Mt Zion or would
they be in the computer records? Can Mt Zion search on just a surname?

All assistance gratefully received!


Lisa Thompson >>

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