BOJARSKY and Meier PAWE, from Scucyn, Belarus #general


Hello all,
Does anyone recognize the name PAWE, or know of another spelling for
it? It is written very clearly on a passenger manifest in the Ellis Is
Database. This person was traveling with Elke (Alice) BOJARSKY, my
grandmother's twin sister, and was supposedly a cousin. Alice was >from
Mosty,in Grodno.
Although they are not listed on consecutive lines, they were both going
to Elke's brother Chaim BOIARSKY, at 78 Sumner Ave in East Boston in 1903.

Thanks in advance,
Sue Seales, North Carolina
researching: BOYARSKY/Mosty and Tereshki,Grodno
FREEDMAN/Siluva, Lithuania
ROSENTHAL/Wegrow, Poland BLUESTEIN/Zareby Koscielne,Pol
ZELONY/Paris RODZINSKY/Balta,Ukraine

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